The new Citrulife formula helps with your cardiovascular health by controlling cholesterol.

The Proof: Bergamot contains statins, fiber and bile acids, to increase HDL. This HDL then passes through the blood and collects LDL into the waste bin, and out of your system - in a cholesterol cleansing process.

Bottom Line: The compound in this tangy fruit is proven to keep cholesterol at optimal levels.

A daily helping of Citrulife balances out LDL with increased HDL production. In fact, taking it every day should be a rite of passage to keep your arteries clear!

This citric hybrid has been adapted from the land of Italy, and packed into a powerful lipid lowering supplement, just for you.

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One simple ingredient: citrus bergamot is all that CitruLife contains. Our cholesterol supplement, when combined with a healthy diet, can naturally lower cholesterol and protect the heart’s walls from heavy plaque buildup. Plus, clinical studies have shown that bergamot has the same properties as prescription statins.

A natural, pure source means less chemicals, and less side effects. Also, this super fruit tastes bitter, but its rewards are sweet. Just one pill a day helps to balance cholesterol by lowering triglycerides and increasing HDL levels.  


Bergamot, a citrus-like fruit that’s native to Calabria, Italy, is about the size of an orange. The bitter-sweet taste makes it a bit hard to swallow as you would other fruits, but it’s this same bitter component that makes it remarkable in improving  cholesterol.

The naringenin - the bitter part of the fruit - has been isolated as the key statin, which increases HDL and lowers bad cholesterol. Citrulife naturally lowers cholesterol, while providing added health benefits.

Learn more about the health benefits of Bergamot.

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Cholesterol control is important because high cholesterol increases your risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Risk factors for heart disease include inherited genes, which can't be controlled-age, sex, ethnicity and family history.

But, cholesterol levels CAN be managed with diet and Citrulife.

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