Improve Cholesterol

To improve your cholesterol you’ll want to do two things:

  • Increase HDL cholesterol
  • Lower LDL cholesterol


Know Your HDL Cholesterol Level

If you’re suffering from high cholesterol, it’s important to lower your bad (LDL) cholesterol levels, and improve good (HDL) cholesterol. And according to physicians, HDL that is lower than 40 mg. can elevate the risk of coronary artery disease, even in people whose total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels are within the normal range. HDL levels between 40 and 60 mg. are considered to be in the normal range, and HDL levels greater than 60 mg. may help to protect you from heart disease.

Learn How to Increase Your Good Cholesterol Levels

So now we understand that not all cholesterol is bad. And even with clichéd marketing of lowering cholesterol, you will still need to keep good cholesterol up. This can be done through eating the right foods and taking cholesterol control supplements that work to increase HDL and lower LDL.

Natural Ways to Maintain Good Cholesterol

Healthcare experts advise:


Cholesterol Control Supplements for Increasing and Maintaining Good Cholesterol

Another great way to boost your HDL cholesterol and lower your LDL cholesterol, without putting your health at risk is with Citrulife. It contains one main natural ingredient: Bergamot – simple and pure, for controlling both types of cholesterols, good and bad. What’s so special about Bergamot? It’s high in fiber and acid content, which neutralize LDL and bind it out your system. In addition, this same component retains the HDL you consume.

Many prescription drugs for improving cholesterol come with side effects like muscle pain, weakness, tiredness, liver inflammation, loss of memory and more. When attempting to improve your cholesterol, do you really want to risk these health complications? We think we already know your answer to that question, and that’s why Citrulife advocates a more natural way to improve cholesterol.

Keep your heart beating healthy and strong, for long, with Citrulife.